Workplace Discrimination: When Should a Discrimination Attorney Get Involved

The 9th day of December 2017 has been a monumental day for the LGBT community as same-sex marriage has been legalised in Australia. The amendment of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act of 2017, before Marriage Act 1961, has brought change to a now-inclusive nation of about 24 billion people. However, discrimination towards LGBT is still widespread. Which is why many a discrimination attorney Sydney has are willing to help anyone who has undergone injustice just because of their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Discrimination in the Workplace

Just recently in New South Wales, tension has risen between religious groups and the LGBT rights movement in their Equality Campaign to end workplace discrimination. It has been reported that some Catholic schools in Sydney have been prejudiced with regard to hiring gay people into their workforce.

Sadly discrimination still happens even if the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Intersex Status Act of 2013 has already been enacted. Moreover, some states still have limitations when it comes to protecting the rights of LGBT people.

When Should You Get An Attorney?

Every discrimination attorney Sydney has is ready to defend your rights regardless of your identity and orientation. Whether you identify as transgender, lesbian, bisexual, or gay, you have all the civil privileges to legally stand your ground. Here are some of the instances that would say enough is enough.

1.Restricted access to restrooms

Every state may have different opinions regarding this issue. So, it is best to really consult a legal expert regarding any restrictions put on the use of bathrooms either in public or at work.

Although there are cities that do allow people decide which restroom to use based on gender identity. It is still unavoidable to have workplaces with strict rules against this practice. If this happens to you at the NSW state, a Sydney discrimination attorney will definitely be the best person to help you overturn this unpleasant situation.

2.Mistreatment and neglect

Do you feel rejected and victimised by your co-workers and even your boss after revealing your sexuality? Although, you can expect changes in how they treat you. But if these turn into abuse and abject neglect, then you should seek legal action and get help from a discrimination attorney in Sydney, particularly if these are causing you extreme mental stress.

3.Unjust dismissal from work

There are cases in the past when workers have been dismissed from work without any prior notice just because of their sexuality. Not only is this unfair dismissal, but this is also a form of discrimination against the LGBT community. So, if this happens to you, you have a highly winnable case. Visit at Dowson Turco Lawyers

4.Verbal and physical abuse

This may sound unlikely, but verbal and even physical abuse do happen. Whether it’s a fellow at work or your own employer, any form of cruelty should never be tolerated. When this happens, make sure that you get the best discrimination attorney Sydney has to ensure that you win this battle.

The fight against discrimination is never easy. Ever since the 1980s, state laws have slowly adapted LGBT-friendly acts, indicating that the attitude towards the third-gender has changed in a gradual manner.

For the best discrimination attorney Sydney has been offering, check out law firms, such as Dowson Turco Lawyers, for a strong defense team to help you win any legal battle. Remember, you have every right to protect yourself as long as you are in the side of truth. More info at



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