Asbestos Testing in Brisbane – Save Yourself from the Deadly Material

Some developments in science over the years have thrown up some inconvenient truths and then there’s a whole lot of correction work needed. One instance is the harmful effects of asbestos use are hitting the world like a ton of bricks. The fact that asbestos is present even in small quantities in the environment and inhaled for prolonged periods could lead to cancer. This happens despite responsible handling enforced throughout the world. Buildings which had asbestos were completely brought down and an asbestos-free  atmosphere was restored in most places. In Australia, each state took the steps needed to test asbestos and remedial actions were taken and new legislations brought in to check and verify that no business premise has any trace of asbestos in it. In Queensland, the services of asbestos testing Brisbane professionals offer are available to do the actual testing for the presence of asbestos.

asbestos testing brisbane

Stage wise Getting Rid of Asbestos

The fact that causes the concern to many people is that it is a good 30 years since asbestos got banned but there are clearly places and buildings where asbestos could still be found. Reports keep emerging about traces of asbestos fibres in a school kid’s uniform. Such developments can create panic among the parents that their children may not be safe in the school. So the facility for astestos testing in Brisbane, therefore, becomes very critical.

So the authorities first tried removing the visible asbestos wherever it was found. Then there was continuous monitoring of all buildings and places to ensure no traces of asbestos were left in the atmosphere. In these efforts also, the Brisbane astestos testing agencies came to the fore, offering their services to test the place, collect samples and have them tested in the laboratories and so on.

It is Mandatory to Certify that Your Building is Asbestos Free

It has now become mandatory in Queensland that every business enterprise seeking to occupy new premises has to voluntarily certify that their premises are free from any asbestos traces through an authorised company which offers services for asbestos testing Brisbane wide. This is to ensure that the employees working on the premises and the visitors who come for any business meeting to the building are in no way exposed to any kind of risk whatsoever.

These agencies hire the firms doing the best asbestos testing in Brisbane to help them obtain this certification. But this is not all. The Australian Federal Government does not permit the import of asbestos or any material that contains asbestos even in small traces. So if the Customs people suspect that any imported cargo contains asbestos, they can call in the agency offering asbestos testing Brisbane wide, and have the cargo tested before it is allowed to be taken to the destination. Otherwise, the goods will be sent back to where the product came from. The businesses engaged in importing such cargo need to take the necessary certifications from the seller in the country of origin and claim the compensation if it turns out that asbestos is there. Check out SAES Safe Air Environmental Services

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